Portable Poker Table Tops – Get It Out of The Way

Why would anyone consider buying portable poker table tops? I can think of a couple of reasons. Maybe you want to save yourself some money, or maybe you do not have the room in your house for a stand alone poker table.

Whatever the reason having one of the many portable tops available will allow you to play poker literally any where you want to. Think about it for a minute, if you are the only one with a poker table and it is portable you will always be invited to be a player on poker night.

Who says poker can’t be played outside? If you have a portable table you could host poker night and play out on the deck or patio. With some good lighting and a windless night could have a great time playing outside. You also will not always be expected to host poker night at your house. You can offer to bring your table with you to each game and you can start a revolving poker night.

Since your table top folds in half and has a strap or a nice carrying case that comes with it, it makes it easy to carry your table top and gives you a dry place to store it when you are not using it.

Portable poker table tops also do not cost as much as stand alone poker tables do. So if you do not have the money to buy a stand alone poker table the portable one will suit your needs perfectly.

So where do you find a good portable poker table? Try online first or go to a sporting goods store and take a look at what they have available. Any place that sells pool tables should also carry other gaming tables like poker tables. I know of a swimming pool store that sells all kinds of different things like dart boards, juke boxes, wet bars, and gaming tables of all types. So check out your local swimming pool store, too.

If you find one you like, check online to see if you can find it. Online stores usually offer better pricing because they do not have the overhead that a retail store has. So even if you have to pay shipping on your purchase you will probably get a better deal when buying online. The downside to buying online is you will have to wait for your poker table to arrive and that can take several days to even several weeks.

So if you can’t wait for you portable poker table tops delivery go ahead and pick one up from a retail store, invite all the guys over for a game and start a weekly poker night tradition. Loser has to host the next poker night. And do not expect your wife to wait on you guys, you buy the food and drinks and set it all up yourself. Tell her she should have a night out with the girls if she wants.

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