How to Reach Level 2000 in Candy Crush

Candy Crush have recently released their 2000th level and they are even letting players have a free go at the level, with a reward of two colour bombs if they succeed. However, many players would like to reach there for real, but not many have. Below are some tips on how you could get there.

You will get a free life every 30 minutes. This means that in theory you will only be able to play once every half an hour. However, if you want to progress quickly, you will want to play a lot more often and there are some ways to generate lives more quickly. Firstly, if you have a laptop or PC and mobile device then you will be able to have twice as many lives. Your lives are specific to the device and so you can use your lives up on your Facebook version of the game on your PC and will still have full lives on your app to play with. You can also request lives form your friends that play the game. Make sure that you send them lives too and it is likely that they will reciprocate. You can also friend strangers that play the game to increase your chances of getting lives; you will be able to find them on the Candy Crush Facebook page. If you do not want to see their Facebook updates, you can change the option for this in Facebook and therefore you will not get any of their message son your wall.

You also want to have a good strategy for defeating the levels. Normally making special candies is key, but this will depend on the specific level you are playing. Try to work out what you will need to do in order to win and then you will be able to aim for that. Make sure that you play slowly and methodically so that you do not miss opportunities, unless you are playing on a timed level. Even then do not panic and play too quickly or else you could make mistakes and lose that way

You will find walk throughs of levels online. If you are really stuck on what strategy you need, then this can help you. You will be able to see how someone else completes the level and use that technique yourself. Sometimes just knowing that the level is even possible can give you the push to keep on trying.

Using special candies at the start of the game can sometimes be really helpful. Consider which ones might be good and then use them if you have any spares. You can get free special candies by paying each day on the app, spinning the wheel on the app and by collecting a certain candy which when you have enough will randomly generate you some. You can also buy them with gold bars, but it is wise not to use your own money to pay for these. All levels are possible without having to pay out money. Your special candies, will not transfer from one device to the other, so you could try playing on a different device if you need certain ones that you have on there.

It is sometimes worth trying to play the game on an alternative device anyway. Sometimes the Facebook game is easier than the app or vice versa. It can be that one is quicker than the other which helps in a timed game or that one is set up to be easier for some reason. On the rare occasion the games are totally different, perhaps due to a glitch or the fact that the one cannot work on the other sort of device. However, it is worth checking to see whether you can find an easier one to play!

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