Downswing Tips

To play a perfect golf shot, downswing of the individual player has to be right. Without a proper backswing an individual cannot perform a perfect backswing. So, it is advised that before focusing on the downswing factor, the backswing has to be made perfect and accurate. Experts say that when an individual’s backswing gets perfect then the downswing seem to get accurate automatically. After the backswing, an individual must not lose control. During this time balancing of the body plays a vital role. If an individual fails to keep itself in a proper position it seems impossible for the person to perform a perfect downswing.

The hinges of the wrist position of an individual has to be maintained and casting of the wrists must be avoided as the latter factor diminishes the power of the shot. At this point, the face of the club must be kept in a parallel position to the left forearm of the individual. Now here come the main tips of the downswing. For delivering a right swing, the individual has to maintain a particular wrist angle of 90degrees with the shaft. The end tip of the club must point straight upward while the clubface must be parallel to the left forearm of the individual.  When the individual perform these techniques if he or she loses bit of body control then the particular shot may go and the player may miss the particular target. It is also advised the individual must never make his or her body stiff if the person wants to get a perfect swing. The swing solely depends on the technique of the shot play.

During the time of the downswing, the spine of the individual must also be in a perfect position. The individual must position his or her head a bit behind the ball. If the head is kept very close to the ball, the person may lose control and misbalance his or her body weight while playing the shot. For this purpose the individual is advised to keep the head bit away and also behind of the ball.

While playing the downswing along with the head and wrist the hip position of the individual also has a role for a perfect swing. When the individual performs the backswing, the hip of the individual must also slowly turn towards the target. The movement of the hip must be done in a slow and steady process. And, before all these the target has to be market by the person with strong eyesight.  The end tip of the club must be in front position of the ball and it must point to the left thigh of the individual. At the time when the club strikes the ball, the club must be at square to the particular target.

A swing can be made perfect after all these techniques have been followed by the individual. The last but not the least is the follow through of the shot. a perfect follow through is also very important for a perfect swing.

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