Backswing technique for perfect golf shot

For playing an accurate golf shot an individual has to follow certain techniques. Without applying the particular techniques it is very difficult to play a right shot which will help the ball to move towards the hole. Every individual who plays golf want their shots to be a perfect one. However the beginners seem to play it right during the early stages. But if they follow the technique and style then, soon they can develop good skills that will help to give a perfect swing.

Along with many techniques one of the major is the backswing technique. This plays a vital role on the particular shot of the individual. So with a perfect backswing one cannot get a proper swing. Understanding the backswing technique of golf is not rocket science. It is very simple and easy to learn. Only the individual has to practice a bit in order to get the perfect backswing. Constant practicing helps an individual to get accustomed with the posture and technique which is required for a perfect swing.

The most vital portion of the backswing is making a smooth takeaway. During the process the butt end of the club must continue to point towards the belly button of the individual. If an individual have difficulties while playing the shot then he or she may fail to hit the ball in the right direction. Many times it has been witnessed that a wrong hit has lead an individual to win the particular match. So keeping the posture right during the shot has to be maintained in each case. While playing the shot the hand of an individual travels from the start position towards the right side of the right leg of the person. During this time the wrist and grip must be tight and fixed. Only the movements of the shoulders have to be made. When the particular club comes just parallel to the ground, the lower portion of the individual must move a bit. The hands of the individual must be positioned over the right foot. The club must point straight towards the sky. If the golfer is right handed then, during the time of ¾ swings, the particular club should point the sky and the left arm must be extended in a straight direction. The left arm should be kept in a relaxed state and if an individual tightens the left arm then, the swing may go wrong. Now, the wrists of the individual are cocked. At this point the face of the club must be parallel to the left forearm. Finally when the individuals finishes the backswing, at that time the left should must be under the chin of the individual or in other words right back to the starting posture. The left arm has to be straight and the face of the club will stay parallel to the individual’s forearm. If an individual follow the above mentioned steps, the person will surely be sable to perform a perfect swing. Moreover the steps are not very but practice makes an individual much more perfect with the backswing.

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